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周雄(Hsiung Chou)教授  


        辦公室電話: 07-5252000-3500

        實驗室電話: 07-5252000-3722



● 美國哥倫比亞大學博士(1992)


● 國立中山大學加速器光源與中子束應用國際博士學位學程主任(2012-2015 )

● 國立中山大學物理系系主任(2008-2010)

● 國立中山大學物理系系主任(2002-2004)

● 國立中山大學物理系教授(1998-)

● 國立中山大學物理系副教授(1992-1998)


● 磁性薄膜物理、超導體物理、透明導電薄膜物理


● 稀磁性半導體

● 透明導電薄膜

● 多鐵性材料物理

● 自旋電子學


● 2014 功能性氧化物之稀磁性及自旋偏極化電流研究(2/3)

● 2013 功能性氧化物之稀磁性及自旋偏極化電流研究(1/3)

● 2013 前瞻稀磁性氧化物及半導體之自旋傳輸及自旋耦合研究(1/2)

● 2012 磁電及多鐵性薄膜在奈米自旋電子元件之研究(台俄合作)(3/3)

● 2012 非晶稀磁性半導體中磁耦合及自旋載子傳導機制之研究(3/3)

● 2011 磁電及多鐵性薄膜在奈米自旋電子元件之研究(台俄合作)(2/3)

● 2011 非晶稀磁性半導體中磁耦合及自旋載子傳導機制之研究(2/3)


● J.W. Chiou, W.H. Huang, S.J. Sun, C.F. Yu, H. Chou, H.D. Yang, Y.C. Yu, T.S. Chan, H.J. Lin, K. Kumar, W.L. Yang, J.H. Guo, The Effects of Magnetic Field Size on the Electronic Structure of Al-Doped ZnO Thin Films Studied by X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 97 (2014) 657-661.

● S.J. Sun, C.F. Yu, H.S. Hsu, H. Chou, A.J. Du, Mechanism of ferromagnetism in non-magnetic ion-doped zinc oxides, Physica Scripta, 89 (2014).

● C.F. Yu, S.J. Sun, H.S. Hsu, H. Chou, UV irradiations induce variations of ferromagnetism and resistivity in nitrogen doped ZnO films, Physics Letters A, 378 (2014) 1965-1968.

● H. Chou, K. C. Liu, C. T. Wu, C. P. Wu, M. Bohra, A. Pyatakov, Y. C. Chen, C.C. Yu, and S. J. Sun (2013, Mar). The ferroelectricity of Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3 filmsgrown on atomic flat SrRuO3/SrTiO3 substrates. JOURNAL OF APPLIED

● Murtaza Bohra, C. P. Wu, H. J. Yeh, and H. Chou (2013, Mar). High symmetricSrRuO3 (001) thin films: Perfectly lattice-matched electrodes for multiferroicBiFeO3. J. Appl. Phys., 113, 17D913.

● C. P. Lin, C. Y. Hsu, S. J. Sun, and H. Chou* (2012, Dec). The Kondo effect and carrier transport in amorphous Cr-doped In2O3 thin films. AIP Advances, 2, P042186. NSC 99-2112-M-110-010-MY3.

● Murtaza Bohra, H. J. Yeh, C. P. Wu, and Hsiung Chou* (2012, Nov). Strain Relaxation in Atomic Flat SrRu1-xO3/SrTiO3 Layers Grown by Off-Axis RF-sputtering. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, 44, P4566.

● Murtaza Bohro, C. P. Wu, H. J. Yeh and H. Chou* (2012, Feb). Strain relaxation in Bi0.9Pb0.1FeO3/SrRuO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures. Journal of Applied Physics, 111, P07D904. (SCI). NSC 99-2112-M-110-010-MY3.